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Our Principal


The children should have freedom and space for self expression to ignite their latent talents to make them self-reliant human beings. This dictum is truly followed in "The Divine Mother International School". We try to inculcate a spirit of self-reliance in every child so that their talent speak is brought forth to bring about positive revolution in society at large. The ignited minds are provided with ample opportunities to develop their cognitive skills. They are nurtured to become responsible and valuable citizen of tomorrow.

The fruits of our tireless strife for the cause of education have been sweet. Inculcation of desirable values in the pupils of all ages is extremely vital is creation and expansion of moral firer. We lay emphasis on grooming balanced personalities and imbibing attributes of head and heart in our students, the torch bearers of tomorrow. An important life mantra taught to the students which is deep rooted in our ideology is life is not about expecting, hoping, but its about doing, being and becoming.

As educators, true to our profession, we dedicate ourselves to the dream of our students. I wish all the students successful academic year ahead and assure them that we will leave no stone unturned to lead them towards the path of achieving their dreams, as these very dreams are our inspiration.

Gunjan Bansal
M.Phill, M.A., B.Ed.(English)